What’s the time where you are?

I don’t quite know where to start. The last two weeks have been packed full of thoughts and events!

I just returned from a weekend stay with what we thought would be a weekend stay on the farm, The farm part never really happened though. Despite reality being completely different from our expectations, it was a fantastic time. Peter, Collette and I hung out with a really sweet family who brought us around their village/ neighborhood to meet their guru and friends and to see almost all of the temples. The hospitality that we were offered was like nothing i’ve really experienced before… well, maybe the people who the localmotive bike tour met are the competitors.

Highlights of the past two weeks: I now have lots of indian dance music, I milked a water buffalo, I ate vegetables straight out of the field didn’t get sick (as of yet), I identified a loofah sponge tree and now have a loofah, I played holi ( an amazing holiday- the festival of colors!!), visited the old city and market place in Jodhpur- absolutely amazing- the india you’d imagine, and drove an auto-rickshaw!!

I would love to write more and to share more about the last two weeks, but unfortunately, I have been neglecting my journal and personal emails for too long. This will be my last post for either a long time or maybe forever, because blogging just is not for me! I cannot juggle all that I have on my plate right now and I truly miss hearing about other people and lives at home. So, please e-mail me if you want to keep in contact – I’d love nothing more than to hear from you and to continue sharing my experience with you.

Farewell for now!Image


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